Form Function Buffered Acid Perm pH 8.2 - 8.4 Normal Healthy

Form Function Buffered Acid Perm pH 8.2 - 8.4 Normal Healthy

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Triple Bonding Neutralizer

This Buffered Acid perming system features modern technology that includes a triple bonding neutralizer using the oxidizing agent, hydrogen peroxide, to rejoin the disulfide bond. In old, conventional perms, the salt and hydrogen bonds generally did not rejoin until the hair was dried, because the bonds had taken on water. The included triple bonding neutralizer allows all three bonds to rejoin simultaneously ensuring a uniform, controlled pattern that is left in superb condition with little to no frizz.

Hair Types: Normal & Healthy Tinted Hair

Long Lasting Results: Client friendly results.

Ultimate Conditioning: Leaves hair feeling soft.

Self-Heating: No dryer required.

Increases Texture & Body: Adds volume to hair.

Reduces Frizz: eliminates fly-aways by adding in moisture to the hair shaft.

Perfect for Style

Foundations: Perms, curls, waves, wiggles, squiggles, smoothing & more


  • Waving Lotion 2.6 fl oz / 77 mL
  • Activator 0.71 fl oz / 21 mL
  • Triple Bonding Neutralizer 3.75 fl oz / 111 mL
  • Waving Cap