Zoto's Quantum 5 Firm Options Perm

Zoto's Quantum 5 Firm Options Perm

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Quantum 5 Firm Choices Alkaline Perm gives you the flexibility to wrap with water, lotion or both to create firm, elastic curls with movement.

why is it different?

Quantum 5™ perms, with a scientifically advanced Moisture-Shield Treatment, deliver unsurpassed results and are superior in 5 ways:

  • Enhanced curl definition
  • Remarkable shine
  • Incredible conditioning
  • Exceptional color retention
  • Aroma-Fresh™ odor block leaves hair with a fresh, clean scent both during and after processing.
who is it for?

Choices Alkaline Perm is ideal for normal, resistant, fine or tinted (up to 20 volume) hair.